Enrollment starts in April.

Application for Admission at ICE.CUT can be submitted by August 31st at the latest.

To submit an Application for Admission, please use the Admission Form.

After sending the form, information about its correct completion appears.

You will receive information on further steps within a few days, to the e-mail address
provided in the Form.

After fulfilling all the recruitment conditions, you will receive a Certificate of Admission. It is important document when applying for a visa and crossing the border.

If you are not able to apply online, please Contact us.

Please note: We offer places in dormitories belonging to the Cracow University of Technology. They are conveniently located about 150 metres from ICE.CUT. The rooms are double or triple, combined into studios consisting of 2 or 4 rooms for 5-10 residents and a shared bathroom. A big and well-equipped kitchen is on each floor.


Individual registration: EUR 200

One-year (two-semester) Preparatory Course for International Students: EUR 3000
One-semester Preparatory Course for International Students EUR 1500

Please note: We suggest every International Student take a One-year (two-semester) Preparatory Course which starts at the beginning of October and ends in June. It consists of 30 weeks of classes that equal 900 to 1050 teaching hours and fully prepares for future degree programmes.

One-year (two-semester) Intensive Language Course: EUR 2000
One-semester Intensive Language Course: EUR 1000